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Change Tracking
Service Levels
Database Monitoring
Host Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Error Tracking
New Relic Grok
System Health

Get up to 5x the value with New Relic.

  • Only pay for what you use. 
  • Users and data, not tools. 
  • Actual—not peak—usage. 
  • No overages or penalties.
The data speaks for itself—the value provided to customers is clear.
Bloomberg Capital Markets

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Build up engineers. Tear down silos. 


Data-driven engineers run on New Relic.

New Relic gives us one platform that we can look at and get a complete picture. It’s absolutely crucial.
Scott Favelle
Technology Director, Seven West Media
With errors inbox, we expect our MTTR to be within 15 minutes. We want every customer to have a good experience.
Tommy Harke
VP Engineering, Vault Health
We're able to integrate a lot of tools with New Relic, but we're also able to bring our product teams and engineers a lot closer together.
Stefan Kolesnikowicz
Principal Engineer, Achievers
New Relic has dramatically impacted our culture, giving us the ability to be extremely data driven.
Aviran Mordo
VP Engineering, WIX
Using New Relic is like moving from an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar.
Erik Bak-Mikkelsen
Head of Cloud Ops, Share Now
Tokopedia is now able to achieve end-to-end observability of our platform, especially our mobile app.
Ryan de Melo
VP Engineering, Tokopedia
New Relic . . . [enables] us to scale our systems based on how traffic is moving, without compromising on performance, cost, or the customer experience.
Abhijit Khasnis
VP Technology, HealthifyMe
The transparency, predictability, and flexibility of New Relic pricing are hugely beneficial, and we only pay for what we use.
Joshua McLean
SVP Global Applications, World Fuel Services

Trusted, enterprise-level security protects your data.

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GDPR Compliant
A–LIGN 27001 Certified
SOC2 Type II Verified
FEDRAMP Compliant
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