20+ Best Christmas gifts for 1 year old boy

Christmasis the best occasion to give your 1-year-old baby a wonderful gift. This can help youexpress how happy you are when having such a newly cute member in your little family. However, it is not easy to choose the perfect present which also aims at improving his personal skills. That is why you may need moreinformation to choose the most suitable one. This article can be the one you are looking for.

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Consisting of top 22 Christmas gifts for 1 year old boywhich widelyvary in types and sizes,  allitems below is definitely the great presents to your little son on this special day. The list recommends a great deal of games related to vehicles, race, sports, toys orcharacters in films, etc.

Best Cool Christmas Gift For 1 year-old Boy

If you are finding the perfect gift, it is best for you to check all toys below to easily make the right choice.

Iwako Erasers

Iwako Eraser which includes 20 different shapes of some typical animalscan effectively teach yourbaby how to maintain good behaviours towards animals.

Then, this absolutely orients him to be a kind and emotional person. Because of its multi-function,he can easilyapply this eraserinto his process of drawing and learning.

Also, the form of this studying item, which can totally attract his eyes, is very lovely and attractive. For all above reasons, you son will definitely be more exciting when having  one so that he will study harder with a new Iwako Erasers.

Musical Rhymes Book

This musical book includes large pages equipped with avariety of colourful illustrations,and many couplets for kids. Therefore, having such an interestingone can facilitate the learning and reading process of your child.

Moreover, it also aims at developing his construction skills.Whereas the 5 keys of piano inside can bring the interesting tunes whichcreatemore than 40 songs, bywords and rhythms.

Itoffers him 2 choices, music or learning status, so that this book is very useful for both learning and recreation. Musical books must be the perfect Christmas gifts you should not ignore.

First 100 Words Board book

An interesting board book can totally make thestudying ofthe alphabets much easier. Itincludes 100 vivid images of the mostfundamental words. Specially designed for very young kids, the paper pages are very durable, while the board is slight enough for them to keep.

Another highlighting benefit is that all of interesting words and images in this book can motivate his creativity by allowing them to tell their own stories. Therefore, if you desire to cultivate his imagination since he is a very little child, you should give him this useful book on special days, like Christmas.

Baby’s First Blocks

This is a wonderful toolto improve the soft skills of your 1-year-old kid such as solving problems, critical thinking. In addition to, it includes a wide range of intellectual games which aims at developing his abilities of controlling movement.

Also, these games such as Rock-a-stack are very perfect for you little child to get recreation. It consists 10 cute blocks packaged in a firm box, together with an interesting cap above and a handle. All of these components vary in shapes and sizes, so there is a great deal of choices for you to take into consideration.

Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

You can totally stimulate the imaginative capacity of your son by giving him the stack and roll cups.  It helps them to be familiar with the ways of diversification and assemblage.

This toy includes 10 shinycups, together with a large amount of balls which experience the spiral in terms of sizes. As a result, he can creatively imbricate or nest these items into cups to make unique things.

Moreover, the diversification of shapes, sizes, quantities can enhance his perceiving skills. These stack and roll cups must be the ideal presents for your little son whenever he gain achievements.

My First Stacker, Colors May Vary

If you are seeking for an educational toy which can teach your baby how to identify the colours, you should take the stacker into consideration. Comprising 8 cute items, it is a wonderful assemble game for him to improve his motor skills and colour classification.He can creatively rearrange all of these items to shape different forms.

Made from the friendly-environmental materials such as milk paper box, it is definitely a non-toxic toy.  Therefore, there is no considerable suspect about its safety index. Such an interesting game can completely interest him and then facilitate his process of distinguishing colours.

Sort & Discover Activity Cube

Packages of two voltaic boards which have many images of digits and livelycreatures can closely connect instrumental buttons in order to create interesting games and sounds. Such a perfect combination can catch your kid’s heart. He has to apply both visual and manual ability to assemble this cube and shape into different forms.

In addition to, this toy contains various appearances, so it is convenient for him to create anything he wants.Besides all given features, a classification cube offers over 75 songs, tunes and rhythms, so he can use it for both learning and recreational function.

Smart Shots Sports Center

This toy aims at improving physical and intellectual skills, so it is the perfect Christmas gift for the one who is only 1 year old. In order to win, he has to score the points by playing games which have the same rules as sports like basketball or soccer.

As a result, he can gradually enhance hard and soft skills. There is a great deal of buttons which contain over 50 numbers and songs, then your child can know how to identify the digits rapidly. He must learn those numbers to correctly press the keys which contains his favourite melodies.

Secure Swing

A saferocking chair is specially designed for your little kid on condition that he is interested in dangling activities. There is no doubt about its cosiness and security. Therefore, you can totally trust this accessory and reward it to him.

The special structure of this toy can completely keep it in the fixed position and easily fold up for storing in case your child matures. Moreover, it perfectly suits both infants and kids. If you want to buy a durable toy which can maintain within a long time, such a rocking chair is definitely the right choice.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This is a wonderful machine which assists your 1-year-oldson to shorten the period of learning motional abilities. Especially in case of there are many people around to support him, he will have much motivation to practice going on their own feet.

Such wonderful components as functionally spiral tools, attractive instrumental button or vivid cylinders can totally last his interests of improving physical skills.

Also, you can easilychange the modes of movements such as running or walking. A wonderful machine with various shapes, tunes and the other interesting traits can totally keep your child smiling and energetic all days.

Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on

You can completely believe in the quality of this little car. Actually, a great deal of generations has been using it for recreation. This toy brings the experience of driving on the road to your child.Then, he can enhance his creative ability in making the imaginative journeys or trips.

Today, thistoy currently hasthe attractive and fashionable appearance which contains anoperable ceiling, together with many useful components. Another favourable feature is that the special floor can entirely prevent his soft feet from hurts. Moreover, he is never in danger because of the existence of the brake.

Fly Bike

Such a wonderful toy is perfect for the child who is trying to improve his physical skills. This item is so comfortable and easy to control. Therefore, it completely suits the kids, especially who are learning how to keep balance.

Moreover, it includes triple casters which aimat increasing both safety index and the amusement of the beetle, so this vehicle is an ideal choice for the onewho is practising to ride. Besides, it is very easy to fold up and place everywhere in your living space, so you can conveniently put it at every corner of your house.

Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This must be the wonderful gift for your little child if he is passionate about musical knowledge. He can create a lot of interesting tunes and melodies by using this item.

Unlike the ordinary one, this little machine has a wonderful appearance which includes the emission of shiny beams whenever a random song is turned on, so it can completely make your son interested.

In addition to, he can easily bring it to everywhere he wants because of a slight form. Moreover, this item is very lovely and colourful. Therefore, it can totally attract his attention at first sight.

Bathtime Fun Toys

The showering activity of your child will be much more interesting and appealing if there is a cute set of floating toys inside the bathtub. Such a wonderful and funny toy includes some certain oceanic creatures and the tools specialised in catching them.

Surprisingly, it can bring to the enormous benefits such as motivating both visual and manual capacity of your son, or entirely developing his sensitive feelings.

Actually, this toy can totally eliminate his boring feelings whenever going to bath. Your little baby is definitely interested in this gift and keeps smiling when he receives this present on Christmas.

Kids Drum Set

Your 1-year-old son desires to be a wonderful future rocker. Then, a full set of drum must be his perfect gift. It offers a wooden bar specialised in flicking into some flat surfaces of drum.  Moreover, he can make choice between creating his own melodiesand following the given tunes.

In some advanced drum, there is a beam to show the correct position which he has to tap to create the correct songs. This wonderful and functional item can totally keep his positive feelings towards the musical lessons. Actually, learning an instrument can help your kid to be more intelligent.

Bendy Ball

This shiny ball with some outstanding decorations can be the most wonderful gift to give your kid on this important occasion. Made from cosy and comfortable materials, this toy is very sturdy and full of amusement. In addition to, because of its special shapes, it is very convenient for him to catch and pick up to play.

The colourfully circle bell which place inside this ball creates the interesting noise of this toy. The external appearance of this ball is very attractive because there contains a great deals of unique textures. Therefore, it can keep your kid’s attention all days.

Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy

This is one of the most wonderful toys which can create the comprehensive development of your son. The size of this toy is big enough for him to catch and easily create the sound.  There contains a great deal of special features which conveniently help your little son to hold and carry to anywhere.

A strange form at the bottom with a handle attached on the right is one of those typical features. Moreover, it can emit the attractive sounds to excite your kid and fresh up his mood. Therefore, this must be the great reward for his good behaviours.

Kick and Play Piano Gym

Sound is just one of the huge important advantages of this toy.Besides, its motional abilitycan keep him interested in improving physical activities. You and your son have to spend a lot of time on going to the concert. However, with this convenient item, it is much convenient to enjoy the harmonious songs at any time you want without moving so far.

This item offers 4 different ways to create sounds, so it is the useful tool for your child to learn musical knowledge. He definitely achieves a lot of amusements just by spending a little time on playing.

First Builders Big Building Bag

Your son definitely enjoyssuch enormous happiness if you give him a wonderful bag in the next special occasions. All gorgeous and fashionable items inside can totally stimulate him to create the new structures.The small components perfectly fit his small hands. Therefore, he can easily apply them into his construction.

After playing, your child can store it tidily by putting it back to the pocket. No matter how old he is, the games always perfectly fit his characteristics. Made from many non-toxic materials, this toy is totally not dangerous for your little kid toplay all days.

Sesame Street Take Along Elmo

It is very easy to carry out the movements of this toy because of the touchable edge. In addition to, the cosy components inside can totally fulfil all quality standards of GUND. Therefore, it is one of the most favourite things which all 1-year-old kids desire to have.

Another advantage of this is that it is very easy to clean up after a long time using. The cosy and elegant surface of this item can absolutely satisfy all children. Therefore, rewarding your son by giving this item can totally touch his heart and keep him happy.

Rattle & Roll Car

On condition that you are searching for an intellectual game, a rattle and roll car is definitely the toy you need. Created by some friendly-environmental items, it does not bring any anxiety about the safety index. Moreover, there is no obstruction for him forcarrying because of the durable design.

It brings a great deal of style so you can opt for many unique forms. Interestingly, whenever your child moves this vehicle, a small lovely bell inside each wheel emits interesting sounds. This car is big enough for a child who may be baby, kid, or teenager, to drive around.

Cozy Truck

You cannot ignore this sturdy and interesting truck for your little son. Such a wonderful toy is the perfect Christmas gift for every children ranging from 1 to 6 years old. Therefore, you can totally keep it until he grows up. The lid of gas sectioncan easily open and close while the handle bar includes an edible siren. All of these can make it look like the real truck. Moreover, the special design of its wheel can keep it suitable for every kind of land.  He must be completely interested in this wonderful gift.


Actually, seeking for the most suitable gift for your child is not the extremely difficult mission.  The list of Christmas gifts for 1 year old boy offers a wide range of wonderful toys he is likely to passionate about. This year,Christmas is coming, have yourewarded a special gift for yourlittle child yet? If not, you should spend a little time on choosing the right one. This small act absolutely keeps the connections of you and your baby more closely.


What to get Girlfriend for Christmas? 35+ Gift 2016

Being a boy, you are of course happy for having a girlfriend. You won’t have to stay at home alone in holidays while your friends are hanging out with their girls or surfing internet and feeling jealous with people who uploaded their lover’s pictures. Such a great thing, isn’t it? However, do you know what is the most ‘headache’ and ‘stressful’ thing while dating a girl? It is when you have to think of choosing what gift to give her on special days: Birthday, Valentine Day, Women’s Day, Christmas, etc. Many boys have asked us this same question. Today, we will give you some suggestions for an ideal gift to give your girlfriend for Christmas.

First of all, before buying a gift, you need to figure out your girl’s ‘love’. ‘Love’ we mean here is what she likes/fall in love. Every girl has a different and a passionate love for something such as cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, cooking stuff, books, sports, or fitness trackers. Moreover, some girls do not have a specific love for anything but she likes something ‘unique’ or something ‘handmade’ so that she can feel your love for her. Therefore, your duty is to answer this question first. After finding out her ‘love’, you can narrow down the list of gifts and save much time on shopping.

Amazing gifts to give your girlfriend for Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year when everyone in the family can gather and celebrate. Especially, you can take your girl out for taking pictures with beautiful Christmas trees, listening to the chant, and enjoying a romantic dinner. And definitely, Christmas is a special holiday when most of people give out gifts for their beloved ones. For you, giving your girlfriend a gift on this day can show her what she means to you and prove your passionate love. Let you have some time before Christmas coming, but not to wait till ‘last-minute’ to do the shopping unless you want to spend all of your money on buying all beautiful gifts.

Timex Unisex Weekender Analog Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch

Giving her a gift which reminds her that you are by her side, will alert her the time so that she won’t be late for any class or event, a watch will be the most suitable gift for your girlfriend. With a simple but beautiful, clean and classic design, no loud ticking, this Slip Thru Watch of Timex ‘knocks out’ every girl who possesses it.

Since it’s a ‘slip-through’ strap, your girl can easily change the band whenever she likes to and others will think she has a collection of Timex watches when seeing her.

Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat

Your girl loves cooking and making food for her beloved one, then a cookbook with many different and delicious recipes is her dream. She can learn to make ‘spicy, salty, sticky, crunchy, juicy, and oozy’ foods by learning from this book; especially, she will love it more when knowing the recipes are made by famous Chrissy Teigen cook. Almost every recipe has a colored picture with clear instructions which easy to understand and follow.

Every cooking-lover can become an expert at home with this cookbook.

Sterling Silver with Swarovski Elements Faded Blue Ombre Hoop Earrings

It’s hardly to find a girl who doesn’t fall for jewelry and the best thing is jewelry never goes out of style so your girlfriend can use it for a long time. This pair of delicate earrings featuring ombre tone Swarovski crystals would make your girl become the most noticeable and brilliant lady in the parties and proms.

Oval shape and full of crystals do not make the earrings look big or heavy on the girls’ ears, but can combine well with your girl’s outfit even it is a normal or luxurious dress.

Vitamin C serum 22 by serumtologie: Anti Aging Moisturizer

How about a skin care product? Every girl wants to appear in her most beautiful in dates with her boyfriend. A 100% safe Vitamin C serum for face care which fight against aging and anti-wrinkle will make her face brighter and softer within days with no need to make-up. She will definitely love this product and love you more.

Giving her a beauty product, you need to notice men around her and their eyes on your girlfriend. Don’t be angry, just because she is so beautiful and shining.

Two-Tone Sterling Silver “Be” Graffiti Charm Necklace

Another product of jewelry that you can buy for your girlfriend is a classic necklace. A unique designed silver necklace with two-piece pendant and engraved words on the two charms. With positive messages, you need less words to express your love for her, but still she can feel it.

The length is perfect for the girl’s neck, the quality is good, the charm size is about the size of a dime. Perhaps it is not a good choice for proms or parties, but your girl will receive lots of compliments when wearing it to class, meetings, or outdoor activities.

Sterling Silver “I Love You To The Moon and Back” Pendant Necklace

If you are worried that the above necklace might look quite simple and not attractive enough, then give your girlfriend another special designed necklace which looks like the moon is embracing the sun. This necklace has become a trend in girls for its design and a love message on it ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ The pendant is sterling silver and with yellow-gold-flashed which makes it even look more beautiful.

A simple way to say you love her, isn’t it? She will absolutely love it and wears it to everywhere. Believe us!

ThinkGeek Plush Unicorn Slippers

If you want a more practical gift, here you go. The gift is suitable for lovely girls who loves to collect cute and ‘childish’ products. Seeing a cute pair of slippers every morning she wakes up, wearing it around the house will make her day happier and comfortable. The unicorn heads on the slippers are puffy and can’t be cuter, the slippers are warm and comfy to wear in winters, especially one size fits all.

These are amazing and long lasting, your girlfriend will feel like she is walking on white clouds.

Vera Bradley Tote Shoulder Bag in Parisian Paisley

An accessory which no girl can miss when going out- a bag. Let your gift be her friend wherever she goes. With the design of a shoulder bag and various colors, you can choose her favorite colored bag. 100% polyester, fabric lining, toggle closure, three interior flat pockets, 13’’ high, 11’’ wide, and 12’’ shoulder drop, there is no need to worry that she can’t carry much stuff with this quality bag.

This is a great product and worth the purchase price. Your girl will carry it to everywhere and feel missing you.

Together Long Distance State Mug with Quote

Many boys choose a mug to give their girlfriends for Christmas because of its usefulness and cuteness. It is excellent to know that your girl uses the mug every time when she’s at home, isn’t it? A love quote ‘Together forever never apart…’ on the mug would make every girl fall for its owner. Moreover, you can also create your own quote and ask the seller to print it on the mug.

Designs are printed on both sides of the mug, and there are two sizes for your choice. Actually, you can get couple mugs for you and for her.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket knit crochet and Mermaid Blanket for Adult

Are you looking for a warm gift that she can use every season? Then get her a blanket. If your girl likes mermaid, then this gift is an ideal gift which can make her mermaid dream come true. Laghcat mermaid designed blanket, casual daypack and one silver necklace, available to use in all seasons, and a collection of colors for your choice, what would you expect more from this?

Your girl will be very excited when opening this gift box. What she needs is to read the washing instruction carefully in order to use it for a long time.

Jawbone UP2 Lightweight Thin Strap Fitness Tracker – Oat

All girls care about their weight and health, so giving your girlfriend a fitness tracker would be the most clever decision when she spends some hours on exercise every day. With a lightweight design and different colors, the tracker helps to track her daily activities and sleeping automatically. She needs to charge it every 10 days, but it has long-life battery actually.

Combining with the app on iPhone or Android devices, your girl can set daily goals and it will remind her to achieve the goals. Such a useful product which can help girls to keep track of her health activities.

BOBS from Skechers Women’s Plush Peace and Love Flat

Again, it’s Christmas, so you would want her health to be always protected, wouldn’t you? A classic style, warm, upgraded, and comfy Skechers will become her daily go-to-shoe when she goes out. It is suitable to wear when traveling, shopping, going to school without hurting her feet. Also, she won’t need to wear socks inside that might make her feel hot and sweating.

Since it has white color and leaves a blank canvas, you can definitely draw some unique design on it before giving to your girl. She will love wearing it with your own design.

Twilight Garden Journal

Does your girlfriend often write notes and diary? If so, give her a notebook would express your care for her. She will realize that you pay attention to her ‘inside’ thoughts. It is small in size with 160 pages, and suitable for writing either by pen or pencil, she can put it in the bag and use it whenever she needs to.

With all useful functions, this gift would help your girl a lot in noting important events during her daily life.

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

Your girlfriend is a cooking lover, she can spend hours on making different foods and drinks, then a juice extractor will make her love you more. She can make many kinds of juices from tons of fruits and vegetables with this machine. Moreover, it takes just two minutes to clean up the machine.

A product that is well made, works well, the motor is powerful, and helps you get healthy with juices, there is nothing more we need from a juice extractor. Your girl will enjoy using this machine in her free time.

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

Another important stuff that can’t be missed in any woman’s kitchen is a food mixer. With a variety of colors, you can choose a mixer which can perfectly combine with other kitchen’s stuff and the kitchen design. Cakes, cookies, pasta, pizza, and other foods are easily made with the steel mixing bowl. In addition, with 10 speeds, you are free to stir wet and dry ingredients together.

Quality and durability, what else are you waiting for? Quickly purchase one for your girlfriend’s Christmas gift.

Wander Agio Women’s Fashion Long Shawl Big Grid Winter Warm Lattice Large Scarf

Another necessary accessory for every girl when going out, not only can match well with their outfits, but also can protect their necks from getting cold, is a large warm scarf. It’s very thick, very soft, very warm, and very stylish with different beautiful colors for your choice. All colors are well mixed with many outfits and will be an amazing accessory for your girl to wear in spring, autumn, and winter.

Good quality, super cute, and well worth the money, this scarf will be your girlfriend’s new love among her accessories in the wardrobe.

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Your girlfriend is a nature lover, she has her own small flower garden in her yard, then let give her a small water garden. A green plant and a beautiful fish in a self-cleaning fish tank are all you need. The plant is grown by absorbing fish waste, and the water is cleaned by the plant. To avoid the noise from the pump, add a tiny bit of padding between the pump and its closure.

Again, it’s not just a fish tank, it is a completed little sustainable ecosystem. Let her know that you love what she loves.

Air Plant River Side Set C

Does your girlfriend love planting, but her house is so small for a garden? Then do give her an air plant in glass terrarium. It’s a very clean and fresh small garden which she can hang on the wall or place them on a long table. No soil required, just air and water, and minimal care.

Possessing an air-plants garden will add to the beauty of her house and create a fresh environment in the house.

SojoS SJ1001 Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street

Is your girlfriend a Fashionista? If so, she would love to add a new trend sunglasses in her collection. Metal frame, PC lens, cat eye shape, high fashion design, protection against UV rays are highlighted features of these sunglasses. Moreover, there is a variety of colors for your selection and most of them have good shade.

With this quality sunglasses, your girlfriend just needs a simple make-up and outfit.

HINDAWI Women Winter Warm Knit Hat Wool Snow Ski Caps With Visor

Winter couldn’t prevent girls from being beautiful when outing, especially they love putting on nice winter accessories to take pictures with snow. If she already had a scarf, give her a knit hat this Christmas. Made of quality wool and unique design, this hat is very warm and comfortable to wear during winter.

Pink, white, red, black, or gray hat, just choosing her favorite colored hat. It will make her look good in any outfit.

Vibram Women’s Bikila Evo Road Running Shoe

Is your girlfriend a running lover? Give her a cute pair of running shoes for morning exercise. These Vibram shoes are specially designed with five fingers instead of the normal design which allows your feet to breath. Wearing these will create a strange and new experience for the girl like going barefoot.

Beautiful colors for picking, quality material, comfortable when running, feet harmless, what else are you waiting for?

Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ421 16 MP Digital Camera

Does she love traveling and photographing? If so, giving her a camera as Christmas gift would make her think of you wherever she goes. Kodak brand, 16.1 megapixels, HD zoom lens allow her to make clear large zooms and good crops without losing quality. Also, she will be able to enhance skin tone, reduce facial flaws, and fix the red-eyes.

It’s a great, easy-to-use camera for all types of shooting. Purchase one and give it to her for this Christmas.

Purefly Inflatable Soft Velvet Neck Pillow

Does your girlfriend often have to go on business trips by plane and train? If so, give her a soft neck pillow to show that you care for her every sleep. It is very soft, made from micro-velvet fabric, and very lightweight with the cover is removable and washable.

With this soft and extremely comfortable neck pillow, she will love to company it with her far trips as she is going with you.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Black

Does your girl love listening to music and enjoy the personal space with music? Then, she would need a headphone which can prevent outside noise and make the sound better. With Bluetooth connection, wireless convenience, and noise-rejecting system, she is able to make clear calls even when it is windy or rainy. Also, you can use the headphone for 20 hours before charging.

This awesome headphone will help her to create such great time with music when you are not around.

Eat Fat, Get Thin

Is your girlfriend always complaining about her overweight when she’s with you? If yes, help her to lose weight by giving her an ‘Eat Fat Get Thin’ book. This book is about a dietary plan but still she can enjoy delicious foods and remain a healthy life. With 400 pages of different recipes and exercise experiences, you can totally believe that your girl’s health is daily kept on track by a sufficient and sustainable eating habit.

You will be surprised when seeing her after a month you give her the book. Beautiful outlook and healthy body!

SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit

None of the girls wants her to look ugly when going out, so they would love their men more if they understand this and give them make-up kits. With this harmony kit of Shany, she can choose among 98 shimmer eye shadows, 6 lip glosses, 3 blushes, and different kinds of brush, and mirror. This kit will become a significant stuff in her bag whenever she goes out.

Do you want that very time you meet her is a new girl with beautiful make-up?


As we said at the beginning, you need to investigate her favorite gifts and choose the most suitable and beautiful one for the Christmas. Receiving a gift from the beloved one is always the happiest memory of girls, especially when their boyfriends understand their dream gift. Above are some popular Christmas gifts that we have gathered from different sources. We hope you can find the most perfect gift for your girls. Let this Christmas be the most special event that you two have ever had with the meaningful and unique gift.

What to get Boyfriend for Christmas? 35+ Gift 2016

Most of the girls are very confused when choosing a gift for their boyfriends on any occasions, especially at Christmas. They want the gifts to be both interesting and meaningful but they don’t know what to choose or how to choose.

Some people prefer ones be good and luxurious. Others don’t care much about the cost or the brands; they just want to know the meaning of the gifts you give. For examples, a card you made by yourself with your full love, a pack of candies with sweet words, an album with the pictures of your memory or a scarf to keep warm may be enough for him.

In addition, you can choose based on his hobbies. If he likes technology, note to technic items. And if he likes sports such as football, you can give him a shirt with encourage words or sports shoes.

So what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? Here are 35+ gift for this winter that you can present your boyfriend. Don’t hesitate CLICK on this LINK right NOW for great meaningful gifts. Let’s save your time and money!

Choise Catalog Gift


Best Christmas Gift For BoyFriend 2016 We Love

Motion Trend Men’s RFID Wallet – Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

These wallets are made from 100% premium cowhide nappa leather. This helps them last for a long time without tearing or being faded. With the simplicity, there are a lot of spacious card lots to contain credit cards, payment cards and driver licenses…there are also non-stock ID window and dual currency compartments. The box of RFID Wallet is also attractive. It is a perfect choice for girls.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Eau De Toilette Intense 4.2 Oz 125 ML Spray for Men

This is a wonderful choice for young men. This item appeared in 2005 for the first time and attracts many people. There are many kinds of fragrant to choose, such as: bergamot, pear, black lavender… This perfume’s fragrant still remains after a long day or even after having a shower. The most suitable time to use it is in the fall and winter. So let’s get this great gift for your boyfriend.

JINSHI Men’s Soft Bamboo Boxer Briefs

Bamboo fiber is the main material to design these JINSHI boxer briefs. This material helps the product smooth, lighter in weight and durable. It’s easy for you to wash, dry… The most special thing is that they will make your boyfriend feel comfortable in any weather condition. You get warmer when it becomes colder and feel cooler when it is sunny. Now let’s show your love with your boyfriends with this gift.

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300

He will so grateful if you give this gift for him. This trimmer is designed usefully, has both corded and cordless use, small and convenient for you to create a hair style wherever and whenever you have free time. This kind of trimmer also has a lock to avoid turning on by chance.

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker and Speakerphone (Black)

This is the best choice for men who like music. He can listen to his favorite songs anywhere and anytime. It becomes much easier when Pocket Kick has a rechargeable battery and wonderful audio. When both of you spend time together, let’s enjoy the rhythms and melody while driving or dancing with each other after having a romantic dinner. That’s so wonderful.

Forming Cream for Men – Hair Styling Cream for High Hold & Matte Finish

Now it’s time for him to be able to create his hair style freely. Smooth Viking’s Forming Cream can help him create any styles he wants, from matte, professional style to edgy or wet look. After a long time, what happens next? Don’t worry, it also maintains that style through time. Let’s take a look at the wonderful gift, girls.

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset – Latest Edition

That is a special gift for people who like technology. It is the latest edition. This equipment is wireless and not too complicated. Just connect it to your smartphone, and then let’s enjoy your favorite shows, interesting games, wonderful views of landscape. You totally travel to a new world. We’re sure that he will love this gift very much.

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone

Surely, here is a great choice for your boyfriend and everyone can play it easily. It can be played both indoor and outdoor. To avoid being unseen in the sky, Quadcopteis covered with black. To control it, you use a key 3600 including 4 ways (left, right, forward and backward). It can fly about from 50 to 100 meters and the time usually last in 9 minutes. The battery is very good, too.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe

Now it’s time for active boys. This kind of training shoes is designed with full rubber outsole for abrasion resistance. They also have lateral flanges which will support you to be stable in the platform. Or when you need to lift the heavy things, the heel clip of them will help you very much. There is a wide range of styles you can choose.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Have you ever seen the movie named Star Wars on the television or have you ever imagined about it? A new part of Star Wars –BB-8 Droid – comes into our life. You can interact with it, or even you can require it to do something by your voice. That’s so amazing and modern. We hope that it will become more than a toy, a partner of you. Let’s try thinking about it as a present for your boyfriend.

Leather travel journal wallet leather notebook wallet

This kind of wallet contains filed note, some cards and cash at the left compartment. And at the right, there is one pen holding. You also could put an iPhone 6/6s in it. Its material is the premium natural cow leather which is very endurable and hard to fade. One of the most special things of it is that it is totally sewn by hand. Your boyfriend will like it very much.

Perricone MD Citrus Facial Wash, 6 fl. oz

This facial wash can be used for any skin types, especially the combination skin. It includes many vitamins C Ester which has many functions. This compound can remove impurities, debris. It also helps you reduce the appearance of redness and blotchiness. This wash will make your skin become cleaner and brighter. That’s an amazing present for your boy.

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

This is the best choice for anyone who usually likes drinking coffee. With the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing, this coffee and espresso maker can make a wonderful cup of coffee you’ll ever taste. From start, it only takes about one minute. That’s so fast and convenient. The item can make about 1 to 4 cups (1 or 2 mugs). There is no reason why you don’t buy it as a present.

Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Your boyfriend is a fan of music. He listens to his favorite songs anywhere, anytime. So this is the best choice for it. This kind of headphones  is wireless and played through Bluetooth device. There is the ear cup covering outside to prevent the noise. Therefore, the sound of music is very lively and beautiful. The battery can last for a long time, even 20 hours. That’s so fantastic.

Sorel Men’s Cheyanne Lace Rain Boot

The winter is usually extremely cold and raining so giving your boy a rain boot is a suitable choice. This rain boot not only keeps his feet warm but also makes it dry through daily activities in terrible weather. Specially, the product is made from full grain waterproof leather and designed with ankle-high style. Therefore, he will not have to worry anymore about slushy in the roads if he wears it. Are you ready to take a look at it?

Akro-Mils 10124 24 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

There are many drawers which can contain many kinds of things, such as crafts, hardware, fishing and more. There is no need for you to find something in a mess. All are arranged very clearly. There are rear stop tabs which protect contents from spilling. That’s so convenient. It is a necessary item for his room.

Reading until here but you haven’t decided on what to get your boyfriend for Christmas 2016. Don’t worry or be hurried. Let’s CONTINUE roll down to see other TOP items.

GOAT STORY Mug, Real leather, 16 oz, Black

We claim that GOAT mug is a special recommendation for you. With a unique design, GOAT STORY shapes as a horn which can contain about 470ml of your favorite coffee drink. The item is set of 2 straps: long and short so you caneasily bring the mug everywhere. The mug also contains a holder which could transform into a stand to be put in the flat surface. That’s so convenient.

Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag 20 inch, Carhartt Brown

The material of this bag is polyester which is durable water repellent. Plus, the bag has an abrasion-resistant base. There is a large main compartment which can contain many things such as: clothes when you have a journey, some personal things…The bag’s design is really helpful because the product has both side haul handle and shoulder strap. The strap is adjustable so you can feel comfortable when using it.

PS4 Keyboard,2016 [New Design]

Here is an amazing item for anyone who usually uses computers much. Unlike other PS4 controllers, this keyboard is wireless. As usual, you communicate with your friend by texting, but with this device, you can chat with each other through your voice. That’s so fantastic. It is also simply installed and very suitable for chatting, surfing the Internet and playing games.

Neff Brodie Sunglasses

This style of Neff Brodie sunglasses is really fashionable and attractive. The light from the sun can make you disable to see anything. You just own and wear it, everything will be solved. Get these shades and you’ll be instantly cooler. That’s so simple. Surely, your boyfriend will like it very much.

Lacoste Men’s Cotton Gabardine Cap

This is a suitable present for men who feel like sporty style. Its brand is Lacoste which is very popular all over the world. The symbol of Lacoste is also sewn in the cap that creates an impressive point. You can adjust the strap until you feel comfortable when you wear it. Your boyfriend will look manlier as he put on this cap.

SlideBelts Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt

Is there anything special in this kind of belt? Yes, it is. The material of belt is leather and you can freely adjust the size to fit on you. Now you don’t need to worry about making holes because there are no holes at all. With the combination between a tab and a strap, it allows you to set over 30 size. Get this gift for him to show your love to him.

CorkcicleVinnebago Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

He loves travelling and discovering the beautiful views, and bringing the water is a necessary thing. But the problem is the hot water will get cooler soon and in reverse. So here is your solution. This bottle is made from stainless steel, can keep hot beverages for 12 hours and even 25 hours for cold ones. In addition, it won’t be breakable like glass. It’s useful to wrap it as a gift.

FIFA 17 – Xbox One

Choosing it as a gift is an interesting choice. This product will bring players to a new football world with full of activities and emotions of characters. There is a complete innovation on this edition. You can enjoy every moment on the match, interact with the opponents, or even intend to attack. All of that will put you in the high concentration. It’s a great choice for you lover.

Alpha Industries Men’s MA-1 Bomber Flight Jacket

The material of this jacket helps you feel comfortable in any weather conditions, from spring, fall, to winter. To avoid to be overheating, you just need to open the jacket zipper. And everyone thinks you have two totally different jackets. In addition, there is a small pocket on the left arm. Get this gift for him. It feels like it’s you who give him the warmth.

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Journeyman Rugged Shirt Jacket

This style of jacket will help your men look more manly and stronger. The product is designed by rugged wax cotton look. The item is also featured with hand warmer side pockets and triples needle stitching. The colors of the jacket are very light and make other people feel cooler when they see you in this jacket. Here is not a bad idea for you to think of.

Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper

This kind of slipper is made from dyed lamp fur. The slipper is also featured with spilt-toe seam, genuine shearling lining, and easy-on goring wedges. This kind of shoe has both indoor and outdoor sole. Wearing the item will give you a feel of the comfort, soft as well as warmth. this product is so suitable gift when the weather becomes colder in the winter.

Mens Slouchy Long Beanie Knit Cap for Summer Winter Oversize

The knit cap is also an item which gives your boys the warmth. The product is knitted from soft and light materials and easy to wear because its oversize. In order to use for a long time, you have to wash it just by hand, not machine. It looks like very fashionable with the wide range of styles. Your boys will be grateful and love it much if you give it for him.

PlayStation 4 500GB Console – Batman Arkham Knight Bundle Limited Edition

Here is a more interesting product for anyone who likes playing games as well as technology. This edition is considered as the best PS4 console released until now. The product  looks great with the grey painted outside. The item will lead you to a new world as real, where the main characters have to fight to the enemies and have many missions. Let’s show your love by it.

Reebok Men’s R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoe

Training shoes are one of the most wonderful recommendations for you. There are a wide range of size and styles for you to choose freely. Reebok is featured by Kevlar-infused upper which is very endurable and helpful to support and protect your boys’ feet. Reebok also looks very active and fashionable. Let’s try thinking about it.

Canon PowerShot SX510 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera

He feels like taking photos of views, landscapes, or places both of you come together. He wants keep the beautiful memory forever. Here is an advice for you. This camera can be used to take a photo and also make a video. You can have the best photos even if what the condition is like: too low-light or too light. All is possible. He will surely feel grateful if you give it for him.

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

This item is suitable for beginners, intermediate users and anyone looking the way to improve their balance and fitness level. With the small and simple design, you can take it to anywhere, anytime. Board trainer includes a strong, lightweight roller and soft-track covered top. The roller stops base on your controlling. Here is the best choice for men.

Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Max Prm Skate Shoe

Shoes are one of the top advices for buying gifts for men. With the comfort from one-piece bootie, his feet don’t feel hurt anymore through a long day. Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Max Prm Skate Shoesare designed by solid rubber pods with herringbone traction pattern. The item looks like both simple and modern. Let’s show your love for your man.

The North Face Apex Bionic Soft Shell Jacket – Men’s

This jacket is designed for him to use in any occasions: go out with his friends, keep warmth, or even go to a party. It is very nice when he dresses up. The pockets are well designed as well. We’re highly recommending this for you.


All of these items above are good recommendations you should think about when buying presents for you man at Christmas. We believe this post “What to get your boyfriend for Christmas 2016” will give you useful advice. Let’s examine and make a decision to choose the right thing suitable for your men. It’s time for you to stand up and go to a store or visit a website to buy something and show your love with your boyfriend.

Canaan Fir Christmas Tree Review

Decorating a Christmas tree is the most important custom of every family on Christmas day, a special occasion of the year. Many people desire to use a live plant, rather than the artificial one. Just a green pine which diversifies forms and growth, together with some floral ornaments can totally make this occasion more different and impressive.

Today, more and more people prefer to use conifer plants, especially the Canaan firs. Made from this material, a Canaan fir Christmas tree is extremely awesome and luxurious.  It totally can accentuate the beauty and specialty of every house.

What is Canaan fir?

People have just been interested in Canaan Christmas trees (pronounced “Ka-naan”, with emphasis on the last syllable) for recent years. The shape and size of them are pretty similar to both Fraser and Balsam firs. Therefore, it is quite hard for a normal person to clearly distinguish these conifers. The measurement of a Canaan tree, ranging from 40 to 55 feet high and from 20 to 25 feet wide, are the very attractive and ideal dimensions of a Christmas tree. Its elegant appearance comes from the thick layer of leaves and the coniferous form.


  • Canaan fir Christmas tree is vigorously live and lush
  • Its bouquet is very comfortable and pleasant
  • The leaves of this coniferous tree are extremely soft and lithe
  • It can relatively preserve necessary minerals and substance within a long time.
  • The branch is strong enough to hang many decorative accessories.

Endurance: Zone 4

Mature height: 40 feet to 55 feet

Mature width: 20 feet to 25 feet

Species: Evergreen tree

Utility: Landscape

Decorative traits: Unification, pyramidal form, increasing layers of leaves in width from the top to the bottom, shiny dark green coniferous leaves together with white bands below, and turning from dark violet to gray-brown in a mature process.

The most outstanding feature of Canaan fir is its adaptable ability. It suits moist area well and grows vigorously against the freezing condition. In contrast, the Fraser and Balsam fir do not have these endurable features because of the late sprout.

Moreover, this kind of conifer can live in the condition of poor sewerage system such as highly damp land. It grows more healthily in the humid soils and vice versa.

It is much better for Canaan fir to live in the cool weather, or in a container during such seasons as spring, fall.

The best seeds which suit multiplied breeding well are the ones from West Virginia.

Some typical bugs which seriously harm the Canaan fir consist of balsam twig aphid, spider mites, balsam wool adelgid, and deer.


  • The most well-known features are the maintenance and odor of the needles.
  • The big, cozy and waxy branches are not very difficult to decorate because of their short coniferous leaves.
  • Canaan fir suits perfectly every house for its wide variety of 5.5 to 6 feet in height. It is absolutely the wonderful item for your house on this Christmas
  • Creating a Christmas tree by using this species. It can be placed in the outdoor scenery.
  • It looks really beautiful and lovely.
  • After decoration, it can highlight many wonderful features.
  • Although it is much expensive than the ordinary trees, the value of this tree is wonderful enough to spend money.
  • The branches of Canaan firs are very durable to hang the rough ornaments. Regardless of the water deficiency, the leaves also keep their color and fragrance unchanged.
  • It can be the most wonderful decoration of your room.
  • The coniferous shape is very attractive.
  • The branches are upward, leaves are large and the form is solid.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • You can buy it through the internet for convenient and rapid delivery to your house.


It has to take up a lot of spaces for storing because of a large number of branches.

The durable ability of leaves is not impressive as the other firs, like Fraser.

Typical questions asked about products:

–  Is this ornamental accessory sturdy?

Definitely, you can easily preserve it in many years.

–  Is it easy to use?

You can conveniently convey this Canaan fir to your house. After creatively decorating, your Christmas tree will be more and more unique and impressive.

–  What is this item high?

It ranges from 5.5 to 6 feet in height.


Actually, when this most special occasion of the year is coming, many people will take part in the race of finding the most impressive Christmas tree. Interestingly, a Canaan fir Christmas tree will definitely make your memories more wonderful and unforgettable. Seeking for your desirable one and take it to your home right now. Such a gorgeous tree can totally make your house more cozy and comfortable. It can perfectly comfort the visitors of your family.

What to get Grandpa for Christmas? 10+ Gifts 2016

If you are having trouble on what to get Grandpa this Christmas, you have come to the right place. Grandfather is special in his own way who plays major role in a kid’s live so that he deserves an extra special Christmas gifts. Forget the cheesy pair of socks, honor him with an unexpected to remind grandpa how much he means to you.

Selecting a gift for grandfathers can be tough because they have already collected so many things over their lives. Remember just because they are grandfathers does not mean all of them are old. Therefore, you should choose a Xmas gift that reflects your grandfather’s personality, hobbies and interests which you understand so well.

Choise Catalog Gift


Whatever your grandpa likes to do, you are sure to find something for him in our list. We have found some classic gifts that any grandpa would love to receive. Those are the kind of personalized gifts that will be treasured forever which makes shopping for Grandpa fun and enjoyable!

Best Chistmas Gift For Grandpa We love

1. Grandpa Can Fix Anything DIY Tool Gift

An engraved hammer can easily make a great gift for any man in your life. With a heartwarming message “My Grandpa can fix anything”, this hammer will be sure to impress your grandfather beyond measure.

The first quality polished-steel head and shock-absorbing smooth hardwood handle make it a functional, yet beautiful tool. Moreover, the handle is also easy to grip and comfortable to hold. Whether for heavy duty jobs or just for display, this laser engraved hammer never fails to please.

2. Ezekiel Grandpa Engraved Pen with Box

You might not notice but Grandfathers are always proud to show off their “Grandpa” status, so anything that displays it will definitely be loved. For that reason, this Ezekiel attractive engraved pen which is made from real bamboo with all metal accents will serve as a beautiful gift for Christmas.

Pen measures 5.5” in length, nice weight, black ink and features twist action ballpoint operation – perfect for any use. Also came packaged in a nice presentation box, it is stylish and elegant enough for grandpa to carry with him. In addition, each piece is unique due to variations in the natural bamboo materials.

3. The Man Myth Legend Cute Shirt for Grandpa

Do you have the word’s coolest grandpa? Show him how great he is with this “The man, myth, legend” T-shirt. This simple yet stylish T-shirt is screen printed in high quality ink that was designed and printed in the USA.

Made of 100% preshrunk cotton which is enzyme washed and lightweight, your grandfather does not have to worry about it shrinking in the wash. In overall, this is a great gift to show off your grandpa’s pride.

4. Palm West 225RFID-A Men’s Leather Money Clip Wallet

If your grandfather is a minimal wallet user who likes everything to be clean, exact and simple, this Palm West money clip wallet is the perfect choice. Unlike other bulky wallets, it fits comfortably in pockets while still offers two outside card sleeves that hold up to six cards each, along with a unique spring-clip inside to hold cash.

Quality-wise, it is constructed of 100% Genuine Fine Leather and backed by an unconditional guarantee in case of any craftsmanship defects. Not only convenient and sleekly designed, the clip wallet is also equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protector to add an extra level of security against identity theft and fraud.

5. “Grandpa” Coffee Mug

There is nothing like a good mug of coffee or tea to start the day, especially in a cold and snowy winter. This Christmas, treat your grandpa with a ceramic, porcelain or stoneware mug with loving sentiment such as: Grandpa, Papa Knows Everything, Best Grandpa Ever, You are loved Grandpa,… so that it would be a present of good times, hugs, laughter, wisdom and memories.

Because one can never have too many coffee mugs, they will make practical and thoughtful gifts for grandpa. Also, there are thousands of different designs therefore you will definitely find a mug that your grandfather appreciates.

6. Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio (Black)

If your Grandpa is a big time radio guy who loves oldies, he would be very happy to receive this simple old fashion type radio. Perfect for use in outdoor activities such as fishing, camping or anywhere in the house like kitchen, garage and porch; this handy portable radio always delivers crisp sound and simplified controls.

Nothing complicated, the Sony ICF38 is just a basic AM/FM radio with battery backup, LED tuning indicator, tone control switch and carrying handle. It is simple to operate while still offers excellent AM/FM reception, making it a joy to use.

 7. Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Grandpa can never have too many tools as he often misses them somewhere. Therefore, this Stanley 65-piece homeowner’s tool set should have him covered to complete all basic DIY projects around the house. The set includes hammer, tape rule, knife, leveler, pliers, screwdrivers, metric hex keys, ratchet, sockets and spinner handle, as well as bit holder and screwdriver bits.

In addition, all tools are packaged in a blow molded case for easy storage and portability. Made of high quality material, this tool set is very durable and extremely practical for most common household repairs and maintenance tasks which is why your Grandpa will appreciate.

 8. SONGMICS 7 Piece Garden Tool Set

For the grandpa who loves gardening, a SONGMICS garden tool set make great gifts. This 7-piece set is great for all gardens and door plants, such as weeding, transplanting, loosening soil and digging. The set includes tool bag, transplantor, cultivator, trowel, weeding fork, weeder and prunner which are made of polished aluminum – shiny, rust-proof, and extremely sturdy. Besides quality blades, the tools are also equipped with comfortable handles which can reduce hand and arm fatigue.

Furthermore, its durable tote bag with 6 deep pockets can hold the tools securely in place so that they will not fall out. In overall, this set has everything your Grandpa needs for basic planting that keeps them happy and occupied.

9. SwitchMe Retro Quartz Pocket Watch Japan Movement for Grandpa

Pocket watch is always an antique and charming item to own as it could bring back the dear old memories. For that reason, this SwitchMe Retro watch will make a heartening gift that keep Grandpa smiles. It has an elegant design with good workmanship, precise Japanese quartz movement and a high quality alloy case.

With Arabic numerals and removable silvery chain, it is the perfect addition to any formal and casual dressing or for collecting. Moreover, the back of the case is smooth so you can get it engraved some personal message just for him.

10. Malden Grandkids Desktop Expression Frame

This Malden frame is the way to any grandfather’s heart as it could help him to cherish special memories in life. What special about this desktop frame are the silver sentimental words on the wood base: “Grandkids keep us young at heart”.

Besides, the glass frame makes it easy to slide the picture in and choose how to set it up. This beautiful gift is so precious that your grandfather would display it proudly on his desk.


So hopefully our list has helped you find the perfect answer for what to get Grandpa this Christmas. Keep in mind that the best gift is always the gift that comes from your heart. While Christmas is not all about presents, it is a great time to thank your joyful grandparents for all loving moments they have shared with you. We wish you luck in finding the “right” gift and a merry, merry Christmas!