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What to get Mom for Christmas? Top 22+ Gift 2016

The chilly winds in winter are the signal which tells us that these days were the final days of this year. And Christmas is coming, the typical features of this occasion is available at every corner of the street. People usually give some Christmas gifts to their family and friends to show their love and enjoy this perfect holiday together.

Christmas is not only the biggest holiday in Western countries, but it also a special occasion to express their feelings through some small presents. For the fact that this day is originated from Western, boy usually remembers to choose gifts for his girlfriends, but he ignores his mother.

A significant gift for this Christmas day can make your mother feel warm and happy. It is also a way to express the feelings of each people. Give your mother a gift to show your gratefulness toward your mother. No matter how bumbling it is, your mother definitely appreciates it.

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So what to get mom for Christmas? Here are 22+ gift for this winter that you can present your mom. Don’t hesitate CLICK on this LINK right NOW for great meaningful gifts. Let’s save your time and money!

Things to get your mom for Christmas


Watch is an indispensable accessory of businesswoman. In reality, your mother usually joins in many events like parties, meetings, or signing contracts. Therefore, this kind of accessory becomes the wonderful Christmas gift for her. She can bring it to everywhere she comes. This helps your mother to be more prominent in crowd because of her fashionable watch. Then, she will proudly mention that it is her beloved daughter who gives her this present.

Room Paperback

Room Paperbacks are the best gifts for your bookish mom. Check out books that will be the great Christmas presents.

It is a compelling and refreshing story about impregnable love together with the intimate connection between a mother and her child. The tale consists of two different kind of behaviors. They are interrupted by dramatic happening in middle chapters. This paperback will glamour you and makes you reevaluate your acts.

Sterling Silver Filigree Hoop Earrings

Christmas is the wonderful chance to show your love and admiration to your mother. You can do everything special to honor her in this important occasion. Although mom also appreciates the best wishes, it is better to give her a precious present. Are there any other choices except the beautiful earrings to express how important she is in your life?

Elaborately packaged, Sterling Silver Filigree Hoop Earringsare the perfect presents to give your mom. Many heart-shaped patterns make them very elegant and impressive. This accessory is the perfect gifts for her birthday or Christmas.


Necklace represents the connection of two people. It usually consists of clasps tied and fastened together. The necklace feature no final point symbolizes a close knit relationship between you and your mother. This link is becoming clearer day by day.

Giving silver necklaces means you are expressing your unconditional loving. You can tell your mother that she was the most important person of your life in this Christmas day. Let’s show your feeling toward her through this gift.

KMystic Women’s Thick Knitted Warm Gloves

Gloves become the wonderful presents for your mother in this chilling winter.  The thick knitted layer of gloves can prevent her from cold weather. This item will keep her away from sickness and remind a lot of memories of you.

Extra thick and soft characters make them become the must-have things in the winter. Plush is lined elaborately with trim. It is definitely the perfect gift for your mother or friends.

Vera Bradley Tote Shoulder Bag in Parisian Paisley

This kind of tote is designed in order to bring more conveniently than other diaper bag and large overnight bag. This item is lauded as the perfect choice for carrying necessary things. Also, it does not take a large space of your house for storing.

It is the perfect choice for woman who wants to carry their laptops fashionably. Design by a former TV reporter, it totally suits the modern woman. This tote can contain all 15.4 inches tablets or laptops. Each of bags is put in a storage pocket and warranted within one year.

Youphoria Yoga Towel

The jade yoga mat is the best choice for mothers practicing yoga to reduce stress, refill energy and get fit. It is pretty thick and hard to sweat. Therefore, moms can endure the heat up to 95 degrees in some classes and feel more confident in their posture by using Youphoria yoga towel. Unlike most microfiber towels, this one does not easily curl in the corner. It totally lies flat regardless of much washing times.

I’m A Mom, What’s Your SuperPower?” 12oz Coffee Mug Great Gift for Mother

The words “I’m A Mom, What’s Your SuperPower?” written on the mug will absolutely attract your mother attention.

The message “I’m a Mom. What’s your super power?” is totally outstanding on the red background of the manual ceramic mug. Paint raised message and dots some colors outside and purple interior. Then, put it in a box or pocket to give your mother. It is a really lovely mug. The bright-colored handle makes this cup impressively beautiful. The handle must stay cool for 120 seconds after taking out of microwave.

Bedsure Sherpa Blanket Throw Blankets Bed Blankets

Made from 100% micro fiber yarns, this luxurious Sherpa blanket is super soft, thick and plush. It is the most convenient gift for your mother. She can bring it everywhere from bedroom to living-room for keeping her warm. She easily has a good sleep because of its soft and comfortable features. You can maintain these blankets well by packing it into a pocket. Such a useful throw blanket can make your mother totally impressed and feel happy.

Yellow Flowers Journal

This journal isan ideal gift for your mom. The cover has vivid yellow flowers which perfectly fit the colors of it. The sturdy pages and thin lines on high quality papers make it be a great item to carry everywhere. There is a tiny pocket attached tightly into the back cover to store notes, photos. Therefore, this journal is the wonderful choice for your mother’s gift because of some above features

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

This juicer is the effective tool to help your mother prepare a healthy breakfast. Also, it shortens the time she spends on juicing process. She can make such a nutrient drink for the whole family within a few minutes. Another advantage she may like is that it can clean up extremely easily. Therefore, your mother does not get stressed because of too much housework. Giving this gift in Christmas can show how much you concern for her health.

KitchenAid KP26M1XER 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series – Empire Red

Most of woman wants to have the mixers in her kitchen. Therefore, this is an ideal present for your mother who is interested in cooking. She can use it to mix ingredients for baking, or other sweet deserts like ice cream, pasta. Besides, you can substitute meat grinder, juicer for this machine. It is the great Christmas gift for moms whose favorite is making cookies, cakes or creating desserts for their families.

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Blue

Your mom cares so much about health condition. And she wants to make every drinks at home. It is great to give your mom an economical blender on such special event as Christmas. You can also buy a manual cookbook for her. On Christmas, you will help her to prepare for dinner and drinks with the new blender. It is absolutely one of the warmest nights she has ever experienced.

Reading until here but you haven’t decided on what to get your mom for Christmas 2016. Don’t worry or be hurried. Let’s CONTINUE roll down to see other TOP items.

Crock Pot Cook’N Carry 6-Quart Oval Manual Portable Slow Cooker Stainless Steel

You want to show your huge love to family on special Christmas day. And you are considering whether you should buy. If your mom is passionate about cooking, but not has much time, Crock Pot is the right choice for you. This cooker remains the temperature unchanged. The locking system ensures that this machine will turn off automatically after the installed amount of time. Therefore, it can keep your mother secure to go everywhere without scare of messy in kitchen.

SDBING Lady Women Double Sided Cashew Flowers

Scarf is a spring and winter fashionable item which suits every clothes. Choosing a beautiful one with balanced colors and textures can make your mother feel totally happy. It is soft and comfortable. In spite of the simple pattern, scarf does not bring cheap feelings. The plaid pattern makes it more unique. You can easily choose the scarves which fit the height of your mom because of their various sizes. Moreover, it keeps her warm whenever going outside in cold seasons.

Modern Decorative Small White Square Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot

This rare plant pot is the right present for your mom who is interested in planting. She can creatively decorate her house by using these plants. Because of its little size, she can put them at every corner. Therefore, they can totally change the style and structure of her homes. It is a perfect decor of her room. Moreover, such a tiny green friend is great to plant in the house. Your mother will definitely be exciting when receive this gift.

Duduma Premium Full Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses w/ Flash Mirror Lens Uv400

Caring for your mom’s eyescan express your love toward her. Therefore, the high quality sunglasses for women are the wonderful gifts on Christmas day. Made from the best materials, these sunglasses can be very durable. Therefore, they are the best choices for your mother when taking part in outdoor activities. Sunglasses can prevent her eyes from exposing under sunlight because of the special production. For this gift, you can touch your mother’s emotion.

60 MPH Windproof Umbrellas Various Colors

A wind proof umbrella is the right choice for your mother’s gift in such a windy weather on Christmas. It can easily change from concave shape into a new one. Therefore, it is convenient for your mom to bring the umbrella with her. Winds can mess up her beautiful hair while her clothes can be wet because of rains. This accessory can catch both wind and rain. She can confidently join in every event with the initial fashionable style.

Vera Bradley All In One Crossbody Wallet

This wallet is another ideal Christmas present for your mom who is finding a new wallet to contain every items she needs. The size of this purse is small, but there is enough space for many private items. Your mother can place cards, cash, lipsticks, even a small mobile phone into it. Moreover, she can bring this wallet alone or with another bag. It is both fashionable and useful, so your mother definitely loves this gift.

Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden with 3 Basil Cartridges, White Lid

Your mother is fond of planting trees, but she does not have much time to spend on it. Therefore, you are finding the tools assisting her. Click and Grow’s Smart Herb Garden is the right one you are seeking. It is a modern plastic container which keep plants like thyme, basil and oregano healthily grow. Then, your mom can reduce such a large amount of time to take after them.This Christmas is the special occasion to give her this gift.

8×10 Matted Print, Pink Venice Beach Wall Art

Matted Print is the best gift for your mom who is passionate about arts. This high quality mat board is printed on a classical paper. Together with the vivid colors, the print is almost bright and lively. It will totally catch you mother’s eyes. She can hang it in any place from bedroom to her office. This print can be a unique and outstanding feature of her space.  She will proudly tell to the visitors that her little child is the one buying this for her.

Simplicity Men / Women’s Winter Hand Knit Faux Fur Pompoms Beanie Hat

The beanie hat made from knit is the favorite items in the cold weather. Giving it to your mother as a Christmas gift can show your concern for her health. The thick layered of beanie hat can keep her warm whenever going outside.

Made from the softest and most luxurious furs, it can protect her head comfortably. By using the special design, this beanie keeps her skin dry. Moreover, it is so fashionable and trendy that she can wear it to everywhere. You can completely afford to buy such a budget-friendly gift.

Elegant Expressions Set of 3 Burlwood Vases

Your mother is the one who enjoy decorating house by fresh or dried flowers. Therefore, a vase is a wonderful gift to her. With a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors, finding an ideal vase for your house is not difficult.

This vase is elegant, natural and fashionable, so it can matches with furniture of your home well. You can place some flowers into it before giving your mother. And she can easily enjoy how beautiful it is.

Purefly Inflatable Velvet Neck Pillow

The neck pillow is an ideal Christmas gift for your mom who has to move by transportations a lot. Its character is soft, but sturdy.

She can use it when travelling by cars, planes, or ships to help her keep comfortable. It is especially designed to protect her and bring a nice sleep. She can take advantage of it while watching TV or reading books at home. Because of all above advantages, she absolutely appreciates your present.

Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy, Natural

A day spending on a spa can make your mom reduce stress and have some recreations. You and your mother can relax in modern systems of spa. Soaking in the bath can make her comfortable and pleasant.

Bringing a good book and drinking a glass of wine will effectively help her to refresh and gain a lot of energy. This is the impressive gift you could give to make her happy.

IShareCards® Handmade 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards

There is nothing more wonderful than receiving a handmade card from her child. A manual craft on high quality paper, together with printed meaningful words can make it more valuable than the other normal cards.

You want to say thanks and express your gratitude toward your mother. It is the most effective way you can do. Let’s tell her how special she is in this special occasion. This great gift may be the most priceless one she has ever received.


You are finding the most meaningful gifts for your mother to express how much you love her on this special occasion.But what to get your mom for Christmas 2016? There is no exact answer. She will like everything you choose. Therefore, no matter what they are, the much more important is how much feelings you are putting into that gift.